HDCSC Members Names for Season 2018/19 ... plus each member's internal HDCSC Loyalty Points Total.  

The below points totals consist of:

(i) 6 points for every HDCSC meeting attended since (and inclusive of) the 30th May 2018 AGM, plus any points allocated for special HDCSC events or activities (e.g. Xmas Raffle Tickets etc).

(ii) 5 points if True Blue Membership was renewed with CFC before 28th July 2018.

(iii) For All HDCSC Members - all CFC loyalty points gained to date from tickets purchased through an HDCSC ticket order.

(iv) For Season Ticket Holders - all CFC loyalty points gained to date from matches covered by your Season Ticket (be it UK Home, UK Away or Euro Away) that True Blue Members have also had the opportunity to order match tickets for.

(v) For all HDCSC members who originally requested inclusion on an HSDCSC ticket order but who did not receive a ticket due to a ticket allocation cut - all CFC loyalty points gained from subsequently ordering their ticket online from CFC (if they have advised Mark B that they have later bought their ticket online).


The below table includes points for attendance at the first meeting, plus points gained for every one of the season's first FIFTY TWO matches for which confirmed ticket allocations have been received (the most recent being the Manchester United Away game).