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Could all members who have yet to renew for next season please view & submit the new and simplified renewal form. This will only take a couple of minutes to complete, but its early completion will greatly assist the club's renewal preparations for next season. With this in mind, all members who assist the club by doing so (asap please, but before noon on Monday 28th May) will receive the following benefits:

1) A Free Drink from the bar at the Star on a Stool Gus Poyet evening.

2) Your name entered into a draw to be made on the evening for a certificated Signed Shirt.

3) Your name entered into a draw to be made on the evening for a certificated Signed Ball. 


As an added incentive and change to previous intentions, this special Star on a Stool event will now be FREE to all members who are intending to rejoin for next season regardless of whether or not they have renewed by 28th May. So whilst there will be no £10 cost for the event if you haven't renewed by 28th May, naturally the above incentives do make it very attractive for you to assist the club by doing so.


For the 2017/18 AGM if members could arrive at 6:30pm this will then enable the meeting to commence at 6:45pm and end at 7:15pm, thereby concluding the business of the 2017/18 season prior to Gus and Spy's arrival at 7:15pm. As members are aware, the primary proposed rule changes for next season have by necessity already been voted upon and accepted by a ratio of 6 to 1 in favour, and will therefore be in place for next season … but other business will include latest news updates from Chelsea, reminders of any CFC Policy changes for next season, the provision of the club's finalised annual accounts and the formation of next season's committee members.


In this regard, Mark B and Gary Lancaster will be standing for re-election to the committee, as will both Jim Kennett and Lyn Furnival who have expressed their agreement to make their temporary positions permanent in the absence this season of Tim Abbott (resigned) and Louise Purver (emigrating next month). Louise, Ed & Callum have as a family made an exceptional contribution to the club's activities - most especially in regard to the club's Xmas and monthly Raffle fundraising activities - and the club would like to thank both Lou and Tim for their past commitments. Whilst supporting both Jim and Lyn's prospective permanent appointments in Tim & Lou's place, the club would naturally welcome any prospective applications from members to stand for any of the four committee positions if these could please be received by noon on Monday 28th May prior to appointments being finalised at the AGM.              

To conclude this update, last weekend's final game results in La Ligue whereby Nice lost and Gus Poyet's Bordeaux completed a run of 5 wins in their last 6 games has ensured that Bordeaux will be playing in the Europa League alongside Chelsea next season.     


Thanks everyone, and my thanks again to all those who will make the running of the club so much easier by finalising their memberships prior to next Monday's deadline.




All HDCSC members who requested a place on Chelsea's Auschwitz trip will be able to go, and the trip will take place on Tuesday 5th June. Chelsea's chartered plane will leave from Stansted Airport at 7am and return to Stansted at approximately 11pm. If any members can no longer make the trip, please let Mark B know asap as CFC has a long waiting list and it would be a shame for any spaces not to be filled. 


WEDNESDAY 9TH MAY - Members please text back to Mark B asap but BEFORE NOON ON FRIDAY 11TH MAY with your Passport Number if you would like to be included in HDCSC's response to the following invitation from the Club, which reads as follows ....  

"As part of Chelsea's ongoing ‘Say No To Antisemitism’ campaign, CFC is inviting fans groups to join the Club’s trip to Auschwitz on 5th June. The trip is free of charge and open to all members of fan groups and the Fans Forum/ CDSA. Please note that due to the layout of the site there is limited accessibility at the Auschwitz Museum. We would particularly welcome applications from fans aged 18-30 and all attendees would need their own valid travel insurance. We will also be extending the invitation to members of Chelsea staff. Timings are to be confirmed, however we will depart from Gatwick early on the morning of the 5th returning to Gatwick from Poland the same evening. We can arrange transport from Stamford Bridge upon request. The trip is an important part of our work tackling Antisemitism. Space, however, is limited and in the event of oversubscription we will allocate spaces accordingly."  



  • The Club Rules have now been updated for the 2018/19 season, and are available to view here on the Membership section of the website.
  • Intentions for the club's future activities now include the following:
  • HDCSC membership now FREE for all Juniors (i.e. aged under 20 as at 31st July 2018), and £10 for Adults & Seniors. Membership applications are available here to complete and submit to HDCSC
  • Removal of the HDCSC £1 per ticket that was previously added to all HDCSC match ticket orders for Home Premier League games.
  • A new website based ticket ordering and payment system will be developed, rather than orders & payments needing to be made at meetings.
  • HDCSC will be working with CFC and the Hastings United Sports & Social Club to organise a "Chelsea Legends" match at Hastings United's "Pilot Field" ground.  
  • The number of HDCSC meetings will be halved to now take place bi-monthly (rather than monthly).Meetings will instead now focus upon providing members with event experiences, the intention being to have ex-Chelsea players in attendance at every meeting whenever possible in order to provide entertaining "Star on a Stool" type evenings.            
  • The first of these will be on Wednesday 30th May when Chelsea's charismatic match day announcer Neil "Spy" Barnett will compere an entertaining "Evening with GUS POYET". Tickets to this special event will be FREE TO ALL MEMBERS WHO RENEW BOTH THEIR CFC AND HDCSC MEMBERSHIPS ASAP but BEFORE 28TH MAY 2018 (otherwise £10 per member). The future intention will be to provide these events on a "free to members" basis whenever possible, The evening will still include the originally intended incentives and benefits for all attending, so it should be a very special occasion indeed!   
  • As a reminder of our special guest's contribution to Chelsea's history, and perhaps as some potential homework for any questions you may wish to ask Gus on the night, in the below video you can watch every one of Gus Poyet's 49 Chelsea goals  .....





(i) The result of the HDCSC 178 member vote is as follows ...

121 voted "YES" (68%),

21 voted "NO" (12%), and

36 voted neither "yes" or "no" (20%).     

The voting outcome was always intended to be completely open and transparent, so as promised the detailed results by member are available to view on the Membership page.

I would naturally like to thank all those who voted to support the club's proposed future direction, and we can now move forward because numerically the club will therefore now exceed the level of 110 members that it will need in order to retain and renew its Platinum status for next season. As a result there are some exciting developments and new membership benefits that will now take place ... starting at this season's forthcoming AGM. 


(ii) The date for the 2017/18 Annual General Meeting has now been confirmed for Wednesday 30th May 2018, A number of attractive incentives will be provided in order to encourage attendance at the AGM, early membership renewal and members' future engagement with the club. It is the club's intention to finalise as many of these admin matters before the AGM as possible, so that members can then spend what will be a very special evening with Chelsea's charismatic match day announcer Neil "Spy" Barnett compering an evening with a legendary ex-Chelsea player who will be our "Star on a Stool" guest for the event following the completion of his current managerial season abroad. Further updates on both this and other new membership benefits will be provided tomorrow once today's match and my Supporters Club meeting at Chelsea tonight is out of the way. 

I would like to thank you once again for your support everyone, which as a result will enable ALL members to benefit from some exciting new developments that will now be put in place for next season.    Mark B.





Due to the extremely high level of both "end of this season" and "start of next season"  Supporters Club admin work currently being needed to be finalised prior to both the AGM and the commencement of the new season, the date of the AGM is yet to be finalised. A date during late May is anticipated, with a free drink and a free draw for a certificated signed ball for members attending, and a free draw for a certificated signed shirt for those members renewing their HDCSC & Chelsea memberships within the soon to be decided timescale. A confirmation text will be sent out as soon as possible.


The trialling of Season 2017/18's updated HDCSC Loyalty Points system has raised two main issues, therefore prior to the AGM agenda being set it is important that members please text Mark B back asap with a simple "YES" or "NO" response to the following proposed changes to the HDCSC Club Rules for next season.


PROPOSED CHANGE 1 ... is that IF the club is intending to run club travel to matches (home or away) in the form of a club subsidised mini bus or coach, then IN CASES WHERE THE CLUB RECEIVES A REDUCED ALLOCATION members purchasing tickets through the club will subsequently receive priority on the club's ticket order if they are requesting inclusion on club travel.

The main reason for this is that whenever possible the provision of subsidised travel to & from matches should be an important benefit of being a member of an official Supporters Club (in order to help anyone who misses out though, as people know from experience I will always do everything I can to obtain match tickets for members who are wanting to attend a match).  . 


PROPOSED CHANGE 2 ... is that (with the exception of ST Holders' x19 PL home games for which STs will receive an assumed 47 HDCSC Loyalty Points throughout the season as if they had purchased their PL home match tickets through the Supporters Club) only match tickets purchased through the "Supporters Club" ticket order will thereby gain "Supporters Club" loyalty points.

This will obviously not affect Members' and ST's "Chelsea" Loyalty Points totals for tickets that they may wish to purchase online outside of a Supporters Club ticket order. Apart from situations whereby the club's reduced allocation would benefit from the club instead purchasing some high pointed members' tickets for them online, it would be incorrect to continue to reward "external" ticket purchases with "internal" loyalty points (as members choosing to instead purchase their tickets externally then leads to the club receiving fewer tickets in the event of a reduced allocation). HDCSC Loyalty Points will naturally still be received though from such "club loyalty" aspects as raffle tickets, meeting attendances, etc..           


It is important for members to be aware that :

(i) For matches sold on Loyalty Points, high pointed members (be they STs or TBs) will still be assured of obtaining match tickets online outside of the HDCSC ticket order on merit anyway, and 

(ii) Where at all possible, minibus or coach club travel will be organised to provide a travel option for members living outside of the Hastings area.


In summary then, if you could please text Mark B back asap (but before Tuesday 1st May) with a single straightforward "YES" or "NO" response to the above proposed change to the HDCSC Club Rules for next season then that would be very much appreciated. Naturally for the purpose of transparency the voting results will be published upon the website following the voting closure deadline..  


It is important to ensure that there is no ambiguity and that members have every opportunity to affect changes to the running of the Supporters Club as they see fit. With this in mind prior to the setting of the AGM agenda, it is only fair to relay to members that from a personal perspective due to my considering these changes to be a necessarily fair and reasonable inclusion to the running of an official Supporters Club, for the benefit of any members who may prefer a change in leadership (and as I need to know that the work that is being put in for the club's benefit is actually what the majority of members want to receive from their membership and involvement with the supporters club) then in the event of a majority "no" vote - or even in the absence of a majority "yes" vote - prior to the forthcoming AGM I will subsequently stand down from the stewardship of and membership of the Supporters Club.       


Thank you in advance for your valued involvement and feedback everyone,


Mark B.    




HDCSC will receive 13 of the 19 match tickets that it ordered for the Newcastle Away game. Could all the below 13 successful members please confirm back to Mark B asap but before 8pm this evening that they would still like to be included amongst the top 13 and thereby receive a match ticket. Also if the below 6 unsuccessful members could please confirm that they would still like to go if they could, then I look for a way to try and source those 6 people with match tickets outside of the HDCSC ticket order.       





The Liverpool Home fixture move has now been confirmed for Sunday 6th May, 4:30pm k/o. In the event of HDCSC receiving a reduced allocation tickets will be allocated on merit to members as per the below current HDCSC Loyalty Points totals. As this is a Category AA game, tickets will be sold on loyalty points, so members will therefore need a minimum of 20 points to be included on the Supporters Club ticket order (which all of the below original members have).


The original ticket order list is below, but if anyone on the below list now cannot make the new date and would instead like to receive a refund of their original ticket payment, then please let Mark B know ASAP but by Noon on Saturday 7th April (i.e. tomorrow) at the latest. (HDCSC received all of the below 18 tickets that it requested, so if anyone would like to be newly added to the list then feel free to ask ... but as no new additions to the total of 18 are allowed, then any new additions will only be possible as replacements for any of the below members should they withdraw from the ticket order). 




The Huddersfield Town Home fixture has now been confirmed for Weds 9th May, 7:45pm k/o. As this will now be the last home game of the season, tickets will be sold on loyalty points and members will therefore need a minimum of 20 points to be included on the Supporters Club ticket order.


The original ticket order list is below, but if anyone would like to be newly added to the ticket order (or removed from the order in order to then receive a refund) then please let Mark B know ASAP but by Noon on Saturday 7th April at the latest.


Similarly, should you wish to be either newly added to - or removed from - the NEWCASTLE AWAY TICKET ORDER that is being submitted this weekend then please let Mark B know by the same Noon 7th April deadline.