HDCSC Members Names for Season 2017/18 ... plus the CFC Loyalty Points Total they currently have on HDCSC's records, how many of the monthly meetings have been attended since the 2017/18 Season's first meeting on June 28th 2017, and their "HDCSC Loyalty Points Total" that will be taken into account should HDCSC's match ticket allocation be reduced by Chelsea due to over demand. (Members need to have attended at least 1 meeting before they can be included on a match ticket order, and a minimum of 3 meeting attendances over the whole season's total of 12 are needed throughout the whole season). Note: if you have gained any loyalty points outside of HDCSC orders then unless you've let Mark B know then you could miss out on a ticket order ... as they wouldn't be included on the below list.        


The below new HDCSC Internal Loyalty Points system consist of (i) Points accrued to date for only the matches that True Blue Members have also had the opportunity to purchase tickets for, PLUS (ii) 3 points per normal HDCSC monthly meeting attended (6 points for Special Events or Xmas Raffle ticket purchases), PLUS (iii) any internal ticket return points adjustments. 


The below table includes points for attendance at the first 9 monthly meetings, plus points gained for every one of the season's total of 60 matches.