Hastings & District Chelsea Supporters Club Rules (Provisionally ready for 2019/20, but subject to confirmation and change by the new Secretary & Committee members in place following the 2018/19 AGM)

By becoming a member of the Hastings & District Chelsea Supporters Club (HDCSC), you are agreeing to adhere to the following club rules.


1. General Rules

1.1  All members who wish to purchase match tickets through HDCSC must be a full ‘True Blue’ Chelsea member (TB)  or Season Ticket holder (ST) and provide the TB membership or ST number that has been issued to them by Chelsea Football Club (CFC).

1.2  HDCSC membership will be £10 per Adult or Senior member, and will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to all Junior members. (Seniors or Juniors are classified as being either “Over 65” or “Under 20” as of the 31st July 2019). 

1.3  All members in possession of a match ticket purchased through HDCSC must abide by the match day and stadium rules set by the club where the match is taking place (home or away), and their actions must not bring the club into disrepute or place the club at the threat of sanction from CFC.

1.4 HDCSC has a "zero tolerance" policy on drugs, bullying, violence and any form of discrimination. All members are expected to treat each other with courtesy and respect.

1.5  Any member found to be violating club rules may be asked to leave the club with no re-imbursement, and the decision of the committee will be final. 

1.6  Club rules may be changed if said changes were to benefit members and maintain or enhance the integrity of the club, or are needed as a result of any associated changes in CFC policy


2.  Rules for Ticket Allocation and Club Travel

2.1  Match tickets ordered through HDCSC are strictly for the member’s personal use only and for the seat specified. Tickets are not transferable by that member for use by any other person. Abuse of this rule will result in the termination of the individual’s HDCSC membership with no reimbursement. 

2.2  Members in possession of a match ticket ordered through HDCSC who are unable to attend the match must ensure that their ticket is returned to, and received by, HDCSC within a minimum of 5 working days prior to the match date. HDCSC will endeavour to obtain a refund for the original purchaser, but this is not guaranteed.

2.3  HDCSC reserves the right to retain £5 per unwanted ticket that is returned to HDCSC for refund, exchange or otherwise return to CFC in order to cover the resulting additional internal costs incurred by HDCSC of any such returns.  

2.4 On the occasions when CFC's allocation for Supporters Clubs is oversubscribed, and HDCSC does not receive its full ticket allocation, match tickets will be allocated in line with the following two criteria ...

(a) Whether or not a member has requested inclusion within a club organised minibus or coach,

(b) The number of "HDCSC Loyalty Points" that a member has (which shall be the combination of a member's CFC loyalty points, and the additional "internal" loyalty points gained from HDCSC membership related activities such as attendance at HDCSC meetings & special events, etc.).

If HDCSC is organising club transport for a match in the form of a pre-booked minibus or coach, these members will receive ticket allocation priority (beginning with the member with the highest points, down to the lowest ... followed by those not using the club's pre-booked minibus or coach, again high to low).

For inclusion within a member's "HDCSC Loyalty Points" total, a Season Ticket holder's CFC loyalty points will be calculated on the same basis as a True Blue member's according to the games that True Blue members have had the opportunity to purchase.  

2.5  If HDCSC is organising club transport to a match and you have requested a travel place, you will be committed to providing payment for your travel place. Members using the club's provided transport must abide by the legal requirements regarding organised transport to a football match. Any instructions given by the person in charge on the minibus or coach must be followed.

2.6  Complete payments for match tickets, travel and any other associated items must be provided to HDCSC within 48 hours of these being requested. No refunds will be provided in the event of the cancellation of a request for inclusion in club travel, unless a replacement paying member later takes that travel place.

2.7  If a member's match ticket has been allocated on the basis of the member's original request for inclusion within club travel, should a member no longer wish to use club travel to attend the match then HDCSC reserves the right to withhold the match ticket for either subsequent return to CFC or re-allocation to a member wishing to use the vacated club travel seat.  

2.8  HDCSC cannot guarantee match tickets for every game (but as a Platinum Supporters Club any ticket order made by HDCSC is given priority status by CFC).

A full copy of the "Supporters Club Policy" can be downloaded from www.chelseafc.com/fans/supporters-clubs