Hastings & District CSC Merchandise

30th November 2018 - Supporters Club branded clothing update


Last night we received the below email from Chelsea, effectively providing the club with just 1 day's notice to provide a response. I am not happy with the way that this has been handled by Nike, and I also feel that the late receipt of payment by Supporters Clubs should not have originally been a valid reason for CFC to delay its submission of the total order to Nike because if individual Supporters Clubs miss payment deadlines then others who do pay on time should not have to be inconvenienced as a result. My personal view is that HDCSC just cancels the order and refunds back to members all payments that have been made - however the opportunity is available for all members who have previously ordered club clothing to now confirm which of the below options they would like applied to their own individual order. As a new order is now needed, the opportunity is presumably also available for new orders to be added should any members wish to do so. 


Could all members on the below original order list (and any new additions) therefore please text back before noon tomorrow 1st December with your stated preference, and if no reply is received then by default I will request that CFC cancels & refunds your original order. The email from CFC reads as follows, which is followed below by the list of those members who originally placed orders :


"Dear all,


We first would like to apologise and to thank you for your patience’s regarding the issues that you have encountered with the supporter’s club merchandise orders.


As discussed at the recent supporter’s club meeting the orders was paced later than expected this was due to some late payments.


Since the orders were placed, we have now been informed that some of the merchandise in not available.


Therefore, we would like to provide you with the following options.


Option one


Nike navy polo shirts can be supplied in Chelsea Blue (Royal Blue) – delivery estimated  late January


Nike hoodie navy sweatshirts will be a plain sweat shirt without the zip - delivery estimated late January


Option two


Nike original Navy polo shirt – delivery June


Nike original zip hoodie sweatshirt – delivery June


Option three


Navy polo shirt – delivery estimated early January


Navy zip hoodie sweatshirt – delivery estimated early January


Please note the above two items are non-branded items and not Nike product but are of the similar quality.




All of the above are subject to availability at the time of when the order is placed.




Option four


We can refund you for your order.




If you can please advise which would be your preferred option by Sunday 1 December.


Once again we apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.


Kind regards, CFC"



8th June 2018  -  Hastings & District Supporters Club branded clothing.  

Due to delays, monies from the previous order were refunded and a completely new replacement order now needs to be placed with Chelsea, with a subsequent August delivery time now anticipated. Requests for orders will be required asap please but requests need to be received by Mark B by WEDNESDAY 13th JUNE at the latest please. 


Chelsea are providing a Hastings Chelsea branded polo shirt and Hastings Chelsea branded zip hood top by Nike, both Navy in colour. Below are the design as to what the merchandise will look like, and they will also have our Supporters Club logo on them.


Polo Shirts will be only £16.80, and Zip Hoods will be only £25.20 .. both inclusive of vat. HDCSC will cover any postage & carriage costs incurred from Chelsea if they need to be posted out. These are being provided by CFC & Nike to all Official Supporters Clubs for less than half of each item's normal price, as can be viewed here on the Megastore's online website page.      



Sizes available are SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, XL and XXL. Click here for a link to the guideline Nike Size Chart when equating size categories with chest measurements in inches