Monies Owing to HDCSC from Members

Monies outstanding can be ideally BACS'd to HDCSC's Lloyds Bank Account number 41919468, Sort Code 30-97-66 ... or alternatively paid directly into any branch of Lloyds Bank, putting your name as the payment reference, and texting Club Secretary Lyn Furnival (or email to advise that a payment has been made please. Please note the below is only a "reminder list" for outstanding monies that haven't yet been received when they were due within the originally requested timescales, all payments are always due within 48 hours from the meeting date (or when requested in the reply to your ticket order request, whichever is the sooner). Concession (Senior & Junior) away game ticket prices have been assumed for future Away games from the away club's website, but if actual prices change then balance differences will be sorted nearer the time  ... thanks everyone.