Hastings & District CSC News



Following our having received 28 of the 49 tickets that we originally asked for, a further 8 were secured online today to bring the total obtained to 36. However this means that there are unfortunately still 13 members who have not been successful in obtaining match tickets.    


The names in black on the below list shows the top 28 members on the ticket order in order of merit (i.e. the number of HDCSC Loyalty Points that they had at the time of ordering), and as previously advised these 28 will therefore receive a ticket through the Supporters Club order.


An additional 8 tickets were today obtained online for the names in green on the list. These were obtained in no particular order, as naturally every attempt was being made at the time to simply try and secure as many of the 21 that the club was after as possible - it is just unfortunate that the extreme demand led to it not being possible to obtain any more than 8..  


Whilst every best endeavour was made to obtain as many extra non HDCSC tickets as possible both online and by phone, as the demand for these tickets was extreme the 13 names listed in red on the list (in purely alphabetical order) have unfortunately not been successful in obtaining a match ticket. 


Every effort will be made to try and obtain additional tickets from outside of the supporters club should we hear of any spares becoming available, but in the meantime if any of those who missed out do manage to obtain a spare ticket from elsewhere then please let Mark B know so that he'll know to stop looking for you.


Any refund monies subsequently owed have now been Bacs'd back to member's bank accounts, and the monies owing sheet has now been updated so that anyone who hasn't yet paid for the full amount of their tickets can be aware of the exact amounts owing.              



Please text Mark B asap please but by NOON on MONDAY 11TH DECEMBER at the latest if you would like to be included on the Supporters Club ticket order. Match tickets will be only £15 for Adults, £10 for Over 65s and under 21s, and £5 for Under 18s.  We will try and run a 49 seater coach up the A21 from Hastings for this game that dependent upon numbers could most likely then be subsidised by HDCSC. Please also indicate whether or not you would like a space on a club coach if we ran one, and in order to help make a coach provision viable please use the prospective Club Coach provision if you can.




7TH DECEMBER 2017  -  A BIG THANKS ONCE AGAIN TO LEGENDARY CHELSEA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER HUGH HASTINGS and Sony's Mark Baber together with all members who attended last night's meeting to see Hugh'S fabulous and enthralling 2 hour presentation ... what a unique and very special evening it was!
















The special event next meeting this coming Weds 6th December will start at 7pm in readiness for Guest Speaker and legendary Official Chelsea FC Photographer Hugh Hastings' 1 hour talk and photo presentation that will commence at 7:15pm. This will be followed by a short 10 min presentation by the evening's sponsor Sony of the latest Sony cameras. 


The evening's available time will need to focus almost exclusively upon what will be an enthralling presentation by Hugh, so only the personal issuing of match tickets will take place during the evening, plus the taking of the attendance register after the presentation. Remember that Double HDCSC Loyalty Points will be gained for attending on Wednesday evening. 


In order to make things easier on the night, other aspects such as the taking of names and payments for upcoming games, and requests for Xmas Raffle tickets will be done outside of the meeting. 


With this in mind, if you would like to be included on the ticket orders for the following upcoming games then please text Mark B before this Sunday so that this Sunday can be used to construct and finalise the ticket orders prior to next Wednesday's meeting :When texting please remember to advise ...


* For Home Games: (a) your Two Stand Options, and (b) whether you would like to be included in Club Travel arrangements if any were to be available, and


* For Away Games whether you would like to be included in any Club Travel arrangements. 


The games are as follows:

1) Bournemouth Home, Weds 31st Jan 7:45pm k/o.  

2) Brighton Away, Sat 20th Jan 12:30pm k/o.

3) West Brom Home, Sat 10th Feb 3pm k/o.

4) Watford Away, Sat 3rd Feb 3pm k/o.


Once everyone has provided their order requests, I can then use this Sunday and the remaining available time before next weekend to construct the ticket orders and the monies owing that members will be advised that they'll need to Bacs across prior to when the ticket orders need to be submitted to Chelsea.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation everyone. With so many matches coming up, and with so many additional club related aspects needing to be managed, the time demands involved in sorting all this out for everyone's benefit are currently extreme to say the very least ... so everyone's individual assistance is very much needed please in following the above instructions and making things as straightforward as possible. 


Thanks everyone, and we look forward to Wednesday's meeting and presentation.



At 2pm on Saturday 9th December Alan Hudson will be formally opening a new Classic & Retro Football Store in Worthing calledSaturday 3pm”. Alan will be signing his book “The Working Man’s Ballet”, and the shop will also be getting some 1970 & 1972 Chelsea Shirts, leather footballs, photos and some caricatures ... all of which Alan can sign. If any HDCSC members would like any of these signed or personalised but can’t make the event then please contact Benedict Farr and he will try to sort something out. The new shop is at 10 Royal Arcade, Worthing BN11 3AY. Benedict can be contacted via:

Tel: 01903 211960

Email: bfarr100@gmail.com

Website: www.saturday3pm.org


Facebook: wwwfacebook.com/Saturday3pmStore






(i) FOR CARABAO CUP HOME GAME VS BOURNEMOUTH WEDS 20TH DECEMBER .... HDCSC members wanting to order match tickets through the Supporters Club order will need to let Mark B know by text ASAP PLEASE but by 10AM MONDAY 6TH NOVEMBER AT THE LATEST so that the order can be submitted to CFC on Monday. Tickets for any stand are £25 Adults, £12 Seniors & Juniors ... and remember to say:

(a) Your two stand choices in order of preference, and

(b) Whether you would like a seat if a minibus was to run directly up from Hastings.   


(ii) The ticket orders for Brighton (H), West Ham (A) and Huddersfield (A) are also being submitted this weekend ... so if anyone would like to be newly added to any of these orders please also let me know asap but by 10am on Monday at the latest.  


(iii) Please also view the monies owing page and sort any monies that you may have still outstanding, most especially for the above ticket orders that are being submitted this weekend. 


(iv) Also a reminder that the next monthly meeting will be this Wednesday 8th November 7pm for 7:30pm start. At the meeting ticket orders & payments will be taken for Stoke City (H), Everton (A), Leicester City (H) & Arsenal (A).           




27TH OCTOBER 2017  -  IMPORTANT UPDATE RE TICKET ORDERS FOR QARABAG AWAY Weds 22nd Nov 9pm local time (5pm UK time) .... 


Due to a short notice request from Chelsea, any HDCSC members wanting to order match tickets through the Supporters Club order will need to let Mark B know by text BY 10PM TONIGHT AT THE LATEST PLEASE so that the order can be submitted to CFC tonight before I'm then en route to the Bournemouth game and then off to the Rome away match. CFC's ticket order submission deadline falls whilst I'll be in Rome, which is why the order will need to be submitted tonight.


If you're on the Euro Away Scheme, or travelling to this game with CFC's Thomas Cook travel provision, then you will need to book your ticket online through CFC and outside of the Supporters Club order. Declaration Forms are available to download from the CFC website at click here, and you will need to have a valid visa at an approximate cost of $23 US Dollars. Applications for a visa can be made by clicking here.



PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER THAT due to Mark B still being in Rome on Weds, THE NOVEMBER MEETING DATE WILL BE the second Weds of the month (i.e. WEDNESDAY 8TH NOVEMBER, 7PM FOR 7:30 START), NOT next Weds 1st Nov. At the meeting ticket orders & payments will be taken for Stoke City (H), Everton (A), Leicester City (H) & Arsenal (A).           





Due to the November meeting being moved back from Weds 1st to Weds 8th Nov, HDCSC will now need to submit its ticket order for the above three games before the next meeting.




The payment amounts required will be provided in response to your ticket order texts. Thanks everyone, time will be tight for these due to a large amount of ticket ordering needing to be done in a short space of time plus amongst other things being away for the Rome (a) game ... so (i) please read the above two simple questions carefully before texting your reply, and (ii) please make payments when requested - as those members that don't do these two things effectively then at least triple the amount of time that is needed in order to sort these things out.



1ST OCTOBER 2017  -  Monthly meeting this Weds 4th Oct @ HUSSC 7pm for 7:30pm start. 

Issuing tickets for Roma (h), Watford (h) & Crystal Palace (a).

Taking ticket orders & payments for HOME games vs Swansea, Newcastle, Atletico Madrid & Southampton. 

Taking ticket orders & payments for AWAY games vs WBA, Qarabag & Liverpool. 

£1 raffle ticket draw for match ticket for game of your choice, and 3 HDCSC loyalty points for attending.


6TH SEPTEMBER 2017  -  Champions League Away Travel Options ...

For those considering putting their names down for a match ticket for a Champions League Away game vs either Atletico Madrid, AS Roma or Qarabag the following links to Thomas Cook travel information may be useful ...


Atletico Madrid Away £279 (Day Trip *plus cost of match ticket)


AS Roma Away £245 (Day Trip *plus cost of match ticket)


Qarabag Away £359 (Direct Flights plus 1 Night in 4 star hotel *plus cost of match ticket)



2ND SEPTEMBER  2017  -  Monthly Meeting this Weds 6th Sept at HUSSC, 7pm for 7:30pm start. At the meeting, ticket orders & payments will be taken for the following games ...

(i) Atletico Madrid Away, Weds 27th Sept (No organised club trip or travel arranged, but travel advice can be provided upon request),

(ii) Crystal Palace Away, Sat 14th Oct 3pm (10 CFC Loyalty Points needed to be included on the order, so still time before tomorrow's Noon Deadline to earn 5 points by being being added to the Supporters Club's Roma Home ticket order if needed),

(iii)  Watford Home, (names & payments for original Mon 23rd Oct 8pm ko already taken at last meeting, but if either CFC or Watford win their Carabao Cup 3rd Rd matches then the match will move to Sat 21st Oct 12:30pm. HDCSC will need to submit a list for each of these two potential match dates, so both existing and new orders will need to provide a choice of either Sat 21st, Mon 23rd, or that Either is okay).

(iv) Man Utd Home Sun 5th Nov 4:30pm (10 CFC Loyalty Points needed to be included on the order),

(v) Roma Away, Tues 31st Oct (Again no organised club trip or travel arranged, but travel advice can be provided upon request). 

(vi) Supporters Clubs will not have the opportunity to submit ticket orders for the Sat 28th Oct Bournemouth Away game as CFC will receive less than 1,500 tickets. Those STs and Members with high enough loyalty points will still have the opportunity to order online though.


At Wednesday's meeting match tickets will be issued for the Arsenal (h), Leicester (a), Stoke (a), Qarabag (h) and Nottingham Forest (h) games.

Each HDCSC member will earn three HDCSC Internal Loyalty Points by attending the meeting. Raffle Draw as usual for a match ticket for the game of your choice, and Callum Ralph will have a stall of items of Chelsea memorabilia for sale at the meeting to earn money to put towards a laptop for his GCSE exams! :-)  




5TH AUGUST 2017  -  HDCSC has just received the following communication from CFC .... if any members are up for it then all you need to do to register your interest is to submit a short video answering these questions to fanvideos@chelseafc.com

"Dear all, do you want to be on Chelsea TV? We're looking for passionate Chelsea fans who travel from near and from far for the Champions. We want to see how you experience a Chelsea match day, from the moment you wake up in the morning, to reacting to an absolute screamer. Are you part of a fan group, do always sit in the same seat and travel with the same friends? Are you a fan abroad who travels hours and even days just to see the blues? If you can't always make the games, how do you make sure you never miss a minute of Chelsea football? But we don't just want to see your journeys to a match, we also want to know about you, what is your story. Everything from where you're from to what your passions away from football are. How has being a Chelsea fan and lover of the beautiful game, been an influence on your life? We want to know.whether you've been coming to games your entire life or getting a ticket whenever you can or even getting up at 4 am on the other side of the world for the big games, we want to hear your stories. You don't need to be experienced in film making, just happy to be in front of a camera and confident filming yourself in public environments. You can film your videos on whatever device you are comfortable with, whether it's a DSLR camera or just your iPhone you want to film on, just make sure your videos are landscape. Up for it Chelsea fans? All you need to do, to register your interest submit a short video answering these questions to fanvideos@chelseafc.com: Name, Age, Where you're from, how do you get to games, Tell us a little about yourself - what is your story, how has football influenced your life, Why you love Chelsea.  If any clubs or your club members are traveling to Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea this weekend and are interest please register with the above information as soon as possible. We can't wait to see and hear your stories! Kind Regards, Chelsea TV team"


11th August 2017  -  October & November's match k/o changes for TV re Watford (h), Bournemouth (a), Man Utd (h) and Liverpool (a). The only game that members have already needed to put orders in for is Watford (h), so if anyone wants to be either added or deleted then let Mark B know. If either Chelsea or Watford reach the 4th Rd of the Carabao Cup though, the Watford game will simply be brought forward to a Saturday 12:30 k/o rather than 3pm. http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2017/08/four-matches-moved.html


30th July 2017  -  Monthly meeting this Weds 2nd Aug at HUSSC, 7pm for 7:30pm. Issuing tickets for Arsenal Community Shield & Burnley (h). Taking payments & ticket orders for Man City (h), Stoke (a) and Watford (h) ... plus any desired additions to the Leicester (a) order and due to delays from CFC possibly also the Arsenal (h) order.  Internal loyalty points policy being finalised with 3 points being gained for meeting attendance.


17th July 2017  -  HDCSC is pleased to relay that acclaimed football author Martin King has advised the club that there is a new crowdfunding campaign for a new version of Alan Hudson's acclaimed and now rare autobiography "The Working Man's BALLET". It has a new introduction by "Football Factory" author John King, and has been extensive updated by Martin himself.


Click here for more details https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/londonbooks/the-working-mans-ballet-autobiography-of-alan-huds?ref=user_menu



10th July 2017  -  Important Community Shield Ticket and Loyalty Point Update ...


(i) Members and STs will now receive 5 Loyalty Points for purchasing a ticket for this match, which is a perfect opportunity for you to immediately reach the "10" or "52" total that they would need to be included on any HDCSC Ticket Orders for matches being played before 31st December that will be sold on this season's loyalty points ... these games are Arsenal Home, Man City Home, Crystal Palace Away, Man Utd Home, Liverpool Away and West Ham Away.


Whilst the Community Shield tickets are being sold on last season's loyalty points, it is highly likely that all STs and Members will eventually get the chance to buy one online. For later in the season when your loyalty points total may prove crucial, this is a great chance to earn a very valuable 5 point head start at a relatively low ticket price. So if later in the season you don't have the points you'd need to be included on a ticket order for a big game ... at least you'd have had the opportunity (as purchasers haven't previously received loyalty points for the Community Shield). If you do purchase online from CFC outside of the HDCSC order then please remember to let Mark B know so that the 5 points can be added to your total.


(ii) Members who will be advised soon when their Community Shield tickets will be available to collect from 76 Ashford Road are as follows: Dave McShane, Matt Murray, Danny Green, Andy McTear, Jamie McTear and Jack Fergusson.


(iii) Members had their monies refunded due to their not having the 20 loyalty points from last season that were required to be included on the HDCSC ticket order, but who can now therefore look to buy their own tickets themselves online are as follows: Sam McShane, Lee Baverstock, Jaiden Baverstock, John Rayment, Jordan Rayment, Mick Walsh, Mark Pullinger, Mark Heffernan, Declan Purcell, Stephen Purcell, David Purcell and Ricky Burr. Up to 4 tickets can be ordered online together per order, with there being a £6.20 booking fee per order (not per ticket).


So if any of the above - or any new additions - would like me to purchase their tickets for them online and in groups (thus splitting the £6.20 between up to four people) then please let me know by Tuesday (tomorrow) evening what price categories you'd like and I'll try to help where I can ... otherwise I'll presume you're buying your own ticket online. Please view the further details by clicking here for the Chelsea FC website.



5th July 2017  -  CFC Photo Archive Manager Hugh Hastings ... (it always makes Hugh smile to see the "Hastings” Blues banner at The Bridge!) ... will be talking about his time at Chelsea at an event in Burgess Hill next Wednesday. The website link is www.parkcameras.com/events. Hugh will be talking about his time at Chelsea and showing lots of images whilst demonstrating the latest Sony cameras. Hugh has gained legendary status amongst Chelsea fans whilst being Chelsea’s official photographer, and we very much look forward to having Hugh over as a valued and enthralling guest speaker at one of our monthly meetings during the new season. A window to Hugh's link with Chelsea can be viewed at www.hughhastings.co.uk/chelsea-fc .


23rd June 2017  -  At next week's AGM on Weds 28th June (7pm for 7:30pm start at the Hastings Utd Sports & Social Club), we will be taking match ticket orders & payments for the following six games ...

1) Arsenal (Wembley) Community Shield, Sunday 6th August.

2) Burnley (Home), Saturday 12th August.

3) Spurs (Away), Saturday 19th August.

4) Everton (Home), Saturday 26th August.

5) Leicester City (Away), Saturday 9th September.

6) Arsenal (Home) Saturday 16th September. 

Only people who have renewed their True Blue and HDCSC memberships can be included on match ticket orders, so if you are not on the New 2017/18 Membership List that is now available to view here then if you would like to order tickets for any of the above games you will need to ensure that you have renewed both your CFC and HDCSC memberships before Wednesday's AGM please. In order to clear the way for the new season, it will be assumed that any members who have not renewed by 30th June will not be renewing for the new season and will therefore no longer receive HDCSC update texts after this date.


19th June 2017  -  HDCSC Members please provide 20 minutes of your time to complete the Chelsea Supporters Trust Membership Survey. Every completed survey gives the board of the Trust a better view of the opinion of the fan base as the Club and the Stadium enters such an important period of change. This is your chance to steer the Trust's policy, who in turn will take your opinion to the Club Board. The closing date is 30th June, so please help the Chelsea Supporters Trust to help you ... by completing the survey and letting them know what you think. Thanks everyone, the link to the survey can be found at the bottom of the page of this link by clicking here.



16th June 2017  -  AGM confirmed as 7pm for 7:30pm Weds 28th June at Hastings Utd Sports & Social Club, Elphinstone Road, Hastings. Both Chelsea Supporters Trust Chairman & Chelsea Fan Cast presenter DAVID CHIDGEYand CFC UK Editor (and true "legend" to any self respecting Chelsea fan) DAVE JOHNSTONE will be our guests and we will have a fun Q&A session with the two Daves about all things "Chelsea Supporter" related. There will be a free drink from the bar for all members attending, and free bar food laid on to help make a special evening for everyone. As an HDCSC member it's important that you attend the AGM if you can, and attendance at the meeting will count towards your next season's HDCSC "loyalty points status" however that is finally determined and voted for at the AGM.


We'll have a Certificated Signed Shirt presented to one lucky member drawn from the hat who BY SATURDAY 17TH JUNE has as requested advised HDCSC that they have done ALL THREE of the following ....

(i) renewed their ST or TB,

(ii) renewed their HDCSC membership, AND

(iii) advised HDCSC whether their personal details from last season are either altered or remain unchanged.    


We'll also have a £1 per ticket raffle for both a FREE MATCH TICKET ... AND ... A CERTIFICATED SIGNED FOOTBALL.


With 110 HDCSC members now having renewed, HDCSC has now achieved retention of its Platinum Supporters Club status and as a result we are once again in pole position to be able to order match tickets that other Supporters Clubs may not have access to. A later update will be provided in regard to which games match ticket orders & payments will be taken for at Weds 28th June's AGM.


Make sure you support HDCSC by attending the AGM please everyone, it'll be a fun night ... we look forward to seeing you all there!  




22nd March 2017  -  Spurs FA Cup Semi Final Tickets ..... The total of 400 tickets that all the 32 worldwide Platinum Supporters Clubs are allocated to share between them has been very oversubscribed, and HDCSC therefore needed to cut 30% from the total number of tickets that it applied for. Unfortunately the below 16 members therefore did not make the cut for the reduced ticket order that HDCSC needs to resubmit early tomorrow morning, but naturally members will still have a second opportunity to purchase online when they go on sale on a loyalty points basis. If anyone on the original ticket order not listed below would as a result of friends or family being on the below list now not wish to go, then please let Mark B know before 8pm tonight so that someone below can be provided with the opportunity to be re-included on the ticket order.  The list is as follows :


Thomas Merritt

Geno Dauti

Kiri Dauti

Bryan Freeman

Christopher Freeman

Jack Freeman

Steve Baldwin

Andy McTear

Jack Fergusson

Tim Dunk

Ray Iliffe

Danny Stevens

Stuart Clark

Nigel Whitaker

Jack Craddock

Tom Seabrook


Monies will be refunded to each of the above members if you inform Mark B that you would not like HDCSC to try and obtain tickets for you when they go on sale online to STs and Members. A 49 seater coach has been booked for this game's travel.



2nd March 2017  -  Next Monthly Meeting Tuesday 7th March at Hastings Utd club house, Elphinstone Road. 7pm for 7:30pm start. Taking orders for Southampton, Middlesbrough & Sunderland HOME, and Manchester Utd & Everton AWAY. The Sunderland game is last home game of season (possible trophy presentation) with free 49 seater coach provided by HDCSC. £1 match ticket draw at meeting as always.


28th February 2017 - April fixture changes and TV games are as follows:

* Chelsea v Manchester City, Wednesday 5th April, 20:00 BT Sport.

* AFC Bournemouth v Chelsea, Saturday 8th April, 17:30, BT Sport.

* Manchester United v Chelsea, Sunday 16th April, 16:00, Sky Sports.

* Chelsea v Southampton, Sunday 23rd April, 14:15, Sky Sports Subject to possible FA Cup Semi-Final participation.

* Everton v Chelsea, Sunday 30th April, 14:05, Sky Sports.

* The Chelsea v Crystal Palace game has stayed as Saturday 1st April, 15:00pm so if anyone would like to be newly added to that order (which might be useful for the points if we get to Wembley for the Semi Final) then please let Mark B know asap but BEFORE 9am TOMORROW 1ST MARCH.     


22nd February 2017  -  Manchester Utd FA Cup Quarter Final Monday 13th March 7:45pm.  Please submit your ticket order to Mark B by 10am on Sunday 26th February at the very latest BUT ASAP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED, indicating:

(a) Which would be your two stand choices (in order of preference, but NOT the Shed End), and 

(b) Whether you would like Club Travel if available (which may be a factor in ticket allocation if we are looking to cost-effectively fill a 49 seater coach). Club travel costs to be confirmed.  

* Tickets £30 Adults, £15 Seniors & Juniors (same price for each Stand).  

* You will need 20 loyalty points to be included on the Supporters Club ticket order, as CFC is selling this match on loyalty points basis. You can check your Current Loyalty Points Total here

* CFC expects the Supporters Club ticket allocation to be over subscribed, so the more people put their name down to go the higher the percentage of tickets we will receive.     

* Ticket monies to be received by HDCSC please before 10am this Sunday, together with any outstanding monies that are currently owed to HDCSC. Please check your Monies Owing here before making your payment, and ensure that any monies outstanding are included with your payment.

Thank you.   


6th February 2017  -  Monthly meeting TOMORROW MONDAY 6th FEB (7:30pm start) to be held in the main clubhouse of HASTINGS UTD FC, the Pilot Field, Elphinstone Road, Hastings TN34 2AX whilst the ESSC is being refurbished. Ticket orders will be taken for the Crystal Palace (H), Man City (H) and Stoke (A) games, and you can add your name to the ticket order for the Watford (H) game, and the West Ham Away and Wolves FAC Away matches and coaches. Issuing tickets for Swansea (H). Signed shirt & ball and other Xmas Raffle prizes can be collected at the meeting. £1 Match Ticket Raffle for all attendees as usual.


29th January 2017  -  The date of the next monthly meeting will be MONDAY 6th FEBRUARY (so not this week) with the following meeting being TUESDAY 7th MARCH. Whilst the ESSC is being refurbished, both meetings will be held in the main clubhouse of the neighbouring HASTINGS UNITED FC, the Pilot Field, Elphinstone Road, Hastings TN34 2AX. Ticket orders will be taken for the Stoke Away, plus Crystal Palace & Man City Home games.£1 Match Ticket Raffle for all attendees as usual.


6th January 2017  -  Last Night's Annual Charity Raising Christmas Charity Raffle & January Meeting.

A wonderful & heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended last night's annual Xmas Raffle Draw and meeting, and who supported the Hastings & District Chelsea Supporters Club and its good causes by purchasing Raffle Tickets for the Annual Draw that took place last night ... thank you all once again!! A grand total of £1,012 was raised, and after £100 was used for raffle prizes the remaining £912 will then be split three ways between :


1. The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance "A Charity that Saves Lives" - for local 11 year old Chelsea Fan Harley Simpson who so tragically lost his life after being hit by a car in Bexhill Road in October,

2. Our local supported charity St Michael's Hospice, and

3. The supporters club so that we can then subsidise benefits for our members (such as the end of season match's free coach, and events like last season's subsidised trip for the Chelsea Stadium & Museum Tour).  


As is always relayed at monthly meetings, we are a mutually supportive "Chelsea Supporters Club", not a match ticket agency ... so each member's involvement in supporting the Supporter's Club's activities such as this Christmas Charity Raffle in aid of local good causes is individually noted, very much appreciated, and counts significantly towards each member's "internal loyalty point" aspect and their subsequent preferential access to high demand Chelsea match tickets .... so HDCSC members please help us to help you!


There were 18 prizes in total including a certificated signed Chelsea shirt, certificated signed Chelsea ball, signed boots, free match ticket, copious bottles of Rum, Whisky & Vodka and many more ... so we had an extremely successful night all round, and our thanks once again to all contributing members for your wonderful support!! 



4th January 2017  -  The following has been received from CFC, so HDCSC Members please feel free to participate in the testing for CFC's new website and mobile app. ....

"Good afternoon,

I am the Senior Digital Product Manager at Chelsea Football Club, presently overseeing the development of the club’s official website and mobile applications.


We are currently developing a new mobile app and working to relaunch the club’s responsive website over the next 6-12 months.

We are very keen to gauge the opinions of supporters as we advance the project, to ensure we provide the best possible user experience and value to our fans.

As a member of an official Chelsea Supporters’ Club we would like to invite you to participate in initial user testing sessions, offering you a first glimpse at our forthcoming digital platforms and the opportunity to contribute your ideas.

If you would like to receive an invite to our Beta Mobile App and Website please click here. Please also forward this on to any members of your supporters club that you believe would like to participate in user testing.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Gregory"


3rd January 2017  -  Monthly meeting this Thursday 5th Jan at ESSC 7pm for 7:30pm start. Taking ticket orders & payments for Burnley (A), Swansea (H), Watford (H) and West Ham (A). Issuing tickets to members not using club coach or minibus for Peterborough, Leicester & Hull. Xmas Raffle with lots of prizes, so if not bought tickets yet (even if only a fiver's worth) then please text back within next 24hrs so tickets can be named & prepared for you before the meeting, thanks everyone.


21st December 2016  -  Xmas Raffle ... at the next meeting we'll have a raffle draw for a certificated Signed Shirt and Signed Ball from Chelsea, and other goodies like some bottles & chocs. If every member averages a fiver's worth of tickets then we'll raise a good few hundred pounds for the club & the local charities we discussed at the last meeting. Text back with names & monies that will either be ideally Bacs'd to HDCSC beforehand please, or will otherwise be paid at the next meeting before the draw, and your tickets will be prepared before the meeting for you and entered into the draw. (So please don't leave it until the meeting date on Thursday 5th January at ESSC from 7am to say how many tickets you'd like, as we'd need to know before the day). Many thanks.


30th November 2016  -  Crystal Palace Away Ticket Update.

Unfortunately as online ticket sales for this match effectively sold out today to True Blue Members on 36 points (and there were no HDCSC members with 36 who had 36 or more points), regrettably no further tickets could be sourced online today for the below list of 17 HDCSC members who missed out the original Supporters Club ticket order, and who also didn't have the necessary number of CFC loyalty points (66 for STs, 36 for Members) to have their ticket purchased for them online. HDCSC members will naturally be advised should any tickets become newly available nearer the time.         

24th November 2016  -  Crystal Palace Away Ticket Update.

As demand amongst Supporters Clubs for this game was twice oversubscribed, Hastings received 25 of the 52 tickets that we asked for. Each of the Season Ticket Holders on the order who had 66 or more points had their tickets purchased for them online, thereby leaving more tickets available on the HDCSC order for others to be amongst the 25. (This estimation was spot on, as they eventually sold out to STs on 66 points). This has left the last 17 HDCSC members on the list (right) currently without tickets, but I will be trying to make a dent in this list when they go on sale to True Blue Members next Wednesday 30th November. As can be seen the ticket order list is constructed totally on Supporters Club merit, with preference given to internal Supporters Club loyalty aspects such as meeting attendance and club travel usage. Once I have exhausted all online opportunities to purchase tickets for those listed right, I will then BACS a refund to those whom I have not been able to get tickets for. If you did put your name down for a Palace Away ticket, and you are not on this list, then I will have already secured you a match ticket.


3rd November 2016  -  A big thank you to all the 81 Members who attended last night's meeting ... such a regularly high turn out every month is superb and is just what being a member of a Supporters Club should be all about. Congrats to Pete Mills, the winner of the match ticket draw who as a result will be getting his Crystal Palace Away ticket for free.


31st October 2016  -  Monthly meeting this Wednesday 2nd November at ESSC 7:30pm. Issuing tickets for Everton (H). Taking ticket orders and full payments for Bournemouth, Stoke and Hull (HOME) ... plus Sunderland, Crystal Palace and Spurs (AWAY). £1 Raffle draw as always for all attending to win a match ticket for the game of your choice.


18th October 2016  -  For the attention of any members who missed the cut for the HDCSC Man United ticket order ...


14th October 2016  -  Below please find the TV selections for December through to February 1: -

Manchester City v Chelsea Saturday 3 December 12:30 Sky Sports
Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion Sunday 11 December 12:00 BT Sport
Sunderland v Chelsea Wednesday 14 December 19:45 Consequent to the above fixture change
Crystal Palace v Chelsea Saturday 17 December 12:30 Sky Sports
Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea Wednesday 4 January 20:00 Sky Sports
Leicester City v Chelsea Saturday 14 January 17:30 BT Sport
Chelsea v Hull City Sunday 22 January 16:00 Sky Sports Kick-off subject to change due to EFL Semi-Final matches
Liverpool v Chelsea Tuesday 31 January 20:00 BT Sport
If any Hastings members have placed orders for above games that due to date changes they can no longer attend then please let Mark B know asap. 


13th August 2016  -  Re: Ticket orders for League Cup vs Bristol Rovers (Tues 23rd Aug, 7:45pm). HDCSC members please text Mark B back BEFORE NOON THIS SUNDAY 14th AUG if you want a ticket, and Bacs monies to HDCSC. £25 Adults, £12 Snrs & Jnrs. Give your two Stand Options (all stands same price, so chance to try better seat for same money if you want!). Also say whether you would use Club Coach travel if we ran one. Earns 5 Loyalty Points, so important towards any future loyalty point games you'd like to do (like Arsenal Away that needs 10 points).


3rd August 2016  -  Thanks again to all the members who made tonight's extremely well attended meeting ... 79 in total. The winner of the £1 Raffle was Kerrie Walter, who wins a free match ticket to the game of her choice! Texts will be sent out when the Watford & Burnley tickets are ready for collection.


31st July 2016  -  Monthly meeting 7:30pm this Weds 3rd August at ESSC. Taking ticket orders & payments for Swansea, Arsenal & Hull (Away) ... plus Leicester (Home). Issuing match tickets for West Ham (Home). £1 per ticket raffle draw on the night for Match Ticket for game of your choice.


14th July 2016  -  IMPORTANT UPDATE RE WATFORD AWAY TICKETS. Tickets will be sold on LAST SEASON'S loyalty points, which as an away game means that to be included on the ticket order that HDCSC will be submitting to Chelsea this weekend Supporters Clubs members would need to have finished last season with 30 points if they are a True Blue Member and 72 points if they are a Season Ticket Holder. Below are the 19 members that will therefore need to be left off the order, so therefore please let Mark B know before this weekend if:


(i) You are on the below list but have not advised HDCSC that you have gained more loyalty points than are listed below, or

(ii) You put your name down to go but do not now wish to go due to a friend or family member that you were going with now being on the below list.  


There is still no guarantee that all others on the list will get tickets, as this will depend upon whether the ticket order is oversubscribed ... but the above loyalty points requirement now makes any prospective oversubscription less likely. Monies will naturally be refunded by Bacs if you can't now be included on the order, and equally if you wish to have your name newly added to the ticket order then please let Mark B know before the weekend.


First Name Surname Season Ticket Holder (ST) / Member (TB) Last Season's Loyalty Points on Record
Mike Almond TB 26
Stephen Durrant TB 10
Ian Marketis TB 29
Susan Marketis TB 29
Timothy Dunk TB 18
Ron Cox TB 25
Ian Coleman TB 11
Stuart Clark TB 15
Stephen Purcell TB 15
Preston Forster TB 25
Danny Green TB 25
Nathan Ferguson TB 13
Rebecca Ferguson TB 13
Joseph Andrews TB 19
Michael Andrews TB 19
Jack  Walsh TB 22
Paul Denness ST 58
Thomas Merritt ST 28
Liam Upton TB 26


Please also bear in mind that not being able to purchase a Watford ticket may affect some members' ability to have the 10 loyalty points that will be needed to be included on the Liverpool Home order. This naturally only relates to Supporters Club ticket orders, and does not affect members' opportunity to purchase tickets online from the Chelsea website when they later go on sale.  


28th June 2016 - An exciting job opportunity has arisen with Chelsea FC. It's a paid 12 month marketing internship, based in London, which can be accessed from here https://goo.gl/wMTTgH. The Job Function is to use your marketing knowledge and experience to encourage kids to get involved in all aspects of the CFC business; with particular emphasis on the BridgeKids website, Soccer Schools, E-mail campaigning and third party promotional opportunities.


22nd June 2016 - True Blue & HDCSC Membership Renewals Update.


1 of 3. Thank you to all the HDCSC Members who as requested have already advised Mark B that they have both renewed and paid for both their HDCSC and CFC True Blue Memberships (or Season Tickets). This early response is very much personally appreciated as it has lessened the off season workload in preparation for the new season. Thanks again everyone ... you know who you are! You will be entered into the Free Draw for a certificated signed shirt that will take place at the next monthly meeting at 7:30pm at ESCC on Weds 6th July. For everyone else ... to be included in the draw for the signed shirt the deadline to advise HDCSC that you have renewed and paid for both your HDCSC memberships and your CFC True Blue Memberships or Season Tickets is 30th June. (As always, if your name is drawn then you need to actually be at the meeting on the evening in order to win the prize).


2 of 3. At the next monthly meeting on Weds 6th July at 7:30pm at ESSC, ticket orders will be taken for the Home games vs West Ham, Burnley and Liverpool .... as well as the Away game vs Watford. It is important that members attend this first meeting of the season so that you can be aware of the new CFC rules that will be applying to the new season for all CFC Official Supporters Club Members. 


3 of 3. Any existing members who have not advised HDCSC by 30th June that they have renewed either their CFC or HDCSC memberships, will be deleted from the HDCSC membership text out list as it will be assumed that they therefore do not wish to renew their HDCSC membership for the new season.    



19th May 2016  -  True Blue and HDCSC Membership Renewals.


1. Members can now renew their True Blue Memberships by visiting the CFC website renewals page at  www.chelseafc.com/tickets-membership/membership  . Please let Mark B know when you have successfully renewed your True Blue Membership or Season Ticket (and whether or not you have the same Membership/ST number as last year).  


2. HDCSC Membership payments (£10 Adults, £5 Juniors & Seniors) are now due for 2016/17 and can ideally be Bacs'd to the HDCSC bank account, or if not then delivered to 76 Ashford Road, Hastings.


3. Please complete and submit an online HDCSC Membership Application Form via  www.hastingschelsea.com/membership-benefits/application-form  or alternatively if all your details are the same as last year then please let Mark B know this so that last year's membership & contact details can be used.


4. To be included in the free draw for the certificated Signed Shirt, 30th June is the deadline for all HDCSC members to have advised Mark B that they have ...

(i) renewed their True Blue Memberships or Season Tickets with Chelsea, and

(ii) renewed and paid their HDCSC Memberships for 2016/17.

It will be appreciated if members can do these two things asap and long before this date, but after the 30th June deadline passes all names will then be put into the draw for the certificated Signed Shirt that will take place at the next meeting that is to be held at ESSC on Wednesday 6th July (so waiting until "the next meeting" to renew your membership isn't an option if you want to be included in the draw).          



4th April 2016  -  Monthly meeting this Wednesday 6th April at 7:30pm being held at the COUNTING HOUSE PUB, STAR ROAD, EASTBOURNE OLD TOWN, BN21 1NB (so not ESSC just for this one month). Tickets for Man City & Swansea will be given out. If any members either need a lift from Hastings, or can provide a lift for others, please let Mark B know and will try and make it happen. Collecting £10 HDCSC memberships for next season in readiness for a free draw for a signed shirt for all who would have renewed both HDCSC & CFC memberships nice and early in order to help the club renew its affiliation ready for next season.


17th March 2016  -  Bournemouth Away: As a result of Chelsea receiving an allocation for this fixture which is less than 1500, there will be no allocation of tickets for Supporters Clubs. Members are therefore advised to check ticket updates relating to this match via the tickets section of the Chelsea website: http://www.chelseafc.com/content/cfc/en/homepage/tickets-membership/tickets-home.html 


26th January 2016  -  Southampton Away was doubly oversubscribed, and as a result HDCSC has received only 24 of the 50 tickets that we ordered. Therefore with a club coach already booked and paid for, priority will be given firstly to those who put their name down for a space on the club coach. Thereafter the 24 will be decided in the usual way as per the internal loyalty factors described on the HastingsChelsea.com website. Members will be advised after tomorrow whether they've been successful, and if not then deposit monies will be Bacs refunded to members' bank accounts. The game isn't being sold on loyalty points, so HDCSC Members will still have the chance to obtain a match ticket by booking online using their own STs next Monday 1st Feb, and their own Memberships on Monday 8th Feb. If you obtain a ticket online, you can then still use the coach afterwards - which will in turn reduce the final "per person" coach cost depending upon final numbers ... and with this in mind for the good of the membership and "per person travel costs" I will assist people where I can in trying to buy their ticket online when they go on sale if they miss out on the HDCSC allocation but still want to go and were on the original HDCSC order as also wanting a coach space - because this in turn will make everyone's coach space cheaper.  


22nd January 2016 - If anyone who hasn't already done so wants to add their names to the Southampton or Norwich Away orders then let Mark B know asap this weekend please (which is when the ticket orders for these games need to be submitted to CFC). The reminder opportunity is because as travel is being provided for these games, the more people travel the cheaper it will be. We will be running a quality 49 seater coach to Southampton (no more than £19pp), and also a subsidised minibus to Norwich.


20th January 2016  -  FA Cup 4th Rd vs MK Dons (Away) 4pm Sunday 31st January 2016. HDCSC will now be running a 49 leather seater coach for this game (which may go via Eastbourne if enough demand from Eastbourne based members), so if not done so already please text MB back asap today but BEFORE 10am TOMORROW 21st January if you would like a match ticket & coach seat. In the event of reduced allocation, priority will be given to members using the coach as the more use the coach the cheaper it will be for all. Match ticket prices for Members - Adults £30, Over 65's £22, U18's £10. For Season Ticket holders - Adults £25, Over 65's & U21's £17, U18's £7. This is an ideal opportunity for members to do a cheap away day to a Cup game that will have a tremendous atmosphere and with easy travel included, so please take the chance to go if you can.         



1st January 2016  -  Monthly meeting date next WEDNESDAY 6th JANUARY at 7:30pm at ESSC. Taking orders for PSG, Stoke & West Ham Home games ... and Southampton, Norwich and PSG Away games. If CFC receives more than 2,000 tickets for PSG Away then HDCSC will run a day trip coach similar to last year.  Issuing match tickets at the meeting for the Scunthorpe, Everton and West Brom Home games.Free match ticket draw for all attendees, 


11th December 2015  -  FA Cup 3rd vs Orient or Scunthorpe Sunday 10th January kick off 2pm. Tickets all areas £30 adults, £15 Juniors & Seniors. To be included on the HDCSC order please text Mark B back before NOON SUNDAY 13TH DECEMBER saying (i) "Orient", "Scunthorpe" or "Either", and (ii) your 1st and 2nd Stand Options (including which tier). Payments to be Bacs'd to HDCSC or delivered to 76 Ashford Road by noon on Tuesday 15th December please.

6th December 2015  -  After yesterday's filming Hastings Chelsea fans will be on TV with Frank Lampard & co in the next series of ITV's Play To The Whistle in the new year. Keeping the secret from everyone whilst it was planned with ITV all week was a killer, and thankfully no one suspected all the hidden cameras that ITV had rigged in the spoof taxi that ferried everyone "two by two" from the pub in Gloucester Road to Stamford Bridge yesterday accompanied by another couple of "annoying plastic fans" (comedians in disguise) just happening to be sharing the same taxi when they got in and who for the cameras were winding them up big time! Eventually got all 15 of us taxi'd to the Bridge in time, with a surprise golden ticket prize at the end for everyone. (A special thanks to those who restrained themselves from physical violence and didn't lamp any of the disguised comedians before they realised afterwards that it had actually been a filmed wind up for a TV show! 

smile emohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj0i6ddLTVI

3rd December 2015  -  HDCSC - 102 members attended last night's Xmas Free Raffle Draw meeting ... which is superb! Very many thanks to all who were there. With many prizes available in the Free Draw to everyone attending, the certificated signed shirt was won by Josh Beeslee, the certificated signed ball was won by Ian Marketis, the free match ticket was won by Ian Coleman, and the CFC merchandise goodie bag from Cobham was won by Becky Ferguson. Members needed to actually be at the meeting to win the above prizes, and those whose names came out of the hat but missed out by not being there were Bill Harding, Carl Rosenberg, Max Rosenberg, Richard Hopkins, Ron Cox, Kiri Dauti, Steve Durrant and Murray Jeffery. Thanks again to all members who made it a personal priority to attend the meeting, and in doing so thereby help us to further build and strengthen the Hastings & District Chelsea Supporters Club! J


30th October 2015  -  Monthly meeting date moved to this TUESDAY 3RD November at 7:30pm at ESSC due to the Kiev game taking place the next day. Taking orders for Watford, WBA & Everton (Home) and Leicester, Man Utd & Crystal Palace (Away). Issuing match tickets for Dynamo Kiev Home game. Free match ticket draw for all attendees, and remember that members need to have attended at least two of the seven meetings held before the end of December 2015. For inclusion on the Man Utd & Palace Away ticket orders, members will need 20 points and STs will need 62 points. All members' current loyalty point status & meetings attendance can be viewed in the "Membership & Benefits" section on the HDCSC website at www.HastingsChelsea.com

8th October 2015  -  77 members were at last night's monthly meeting at ESSC, with Andy Milham & Samantha Hall winning the signed shirt and ball in the raffle that raised £316.50 for the Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice. The free match ticket draw for people attending would've been won by Colin Spray, James Weyland and then Carl Schaaf if they'd have been there ... but next out of the hat and at the meeting was Lenny Pshenychka who'll now use his free match ticket for the Bournemouth home game. Thanks again to Kelly Bates for re-donating the signed ball that he previously won back to the raffle, and to everyone who contributed to what was a wonderful and worthy cause by either buying raffle tickets or just making a contribution once both books of raffle tickets had all sold out!

4th October 2015  -  Monthly meeting this Weds 7th October at 7:30pm at ESSC. Taking orders for Bournemouth, Porto & Sunderland (Home) and Spurs (Away). Giving out tickets for Aston Villa (h) and West Ham (a). Last raffle ticket sales before signed shirt & signed ball presented to the winning tickets at the mtg, also free match ticket draw for all attending. Remember members need to have attended at least one mtg before being able to order match tickets. 

27th September 2015  -  Important short term ticket order update... Reply asap but BEFORE 5pm this Friday 2nd Oct please if you would like to order tickets for the following three games: (i) Stoke Away COC Tues 27th Oct 7:45pm, (ii) Stoke Away Sat 7th Nov 5:30pm, and (iii) Norwich Home Sat 21st Nov 3pm (indicate your two Stand Options). Also for both Stoke away matches if you order a ticket please also indicate whether or not you would only go if HDCSC travel (e.g. a minibus) was available.


4th September 2015  -  Walsall Away & Porto Away Ticket Update .... HDCSC Members will have the opportunity to order tickets for both Walsall Away and Porto Away. Please text Mark Barfoot BEFORE NOON TOMORROW SATURDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER if you definitely wish to purchase a ticket through HDCSC for either of these games, and also please Bacs to HDCSC or deliver the required monies to Mark before tomorrow's noon deadline. Apologies for the short turnaround, but orders & payments must be received before this time for you to be included on the order. Porto Away ticket prices are to be confirmed, but Walsall ticket prices are as follows: Adults £25, Over 60s £15, Under 18s £15, Family Ticket (1 Adult, 1 Under 18) £35, Disabled Adult & Carer £25, Disabled Junior/Senior & Carer £15.

31st August 2015  -  Monthly meeting at ESSC this Wednesday 2nd Sept at 7:30pm. Collect tickets for Arsenal (H) & Southampton (H). Everton (A) tickets issued on Minibus. Taking orders for Liverpool (H), Dynamo Kiev (H), West Ham (A), Porto (A) & Dynamo Kiev (A). Raffle tickets still being sold for certificated signed shirt & ball. Free match ticket draw for all attendees as usual.

28th August 2015  -  TEL AVIV (HOME) WEDS 16th SEPT .... Please text Mark Barfoot BEFORE NOON THIS SUNDAY 30th AUG if you definitely want to purchase a match ticket through HDCSC - stating your two Stand preferences. All stands same price (£35 Adults, £17.50 Jnrs & Snrs).

3rd August 2015  -  Monthly meeting at ESSC this Wednesday 5th August at 7:30pm. Fiorentina game on screen. Taking ticket orders for Southampton & Aston Villa (Home), and Everton & Newcastle (Away). Collect tickets for Swansea & Palace (Home), and Man City & WBA (Away).

4th June 2015  -  Thanks again to all the 81 members who attended last night's very successful AGM. Mick Penfold won the certificated ball signed by the all the players (after Brian Barber then John Stacey's names were drawn first, who would've won if they could've made the meeting), and Andy Gooch & Steve Durrant won £20 each on the Bus Stops. Reminder to all members who couldn't make the meeting to let me know asap if you want to be added to the HDCSC order for Community Shield tickets. 

6th April 2015 - Thanks to all the HDCSC Members (current and new) who attended tonight, an excellent turn out for what was a very important monthly meeting in preparation for the new season. Kelly Bates won the free draw for the official certified football signed by the all the team that we made available as a celebration of our being the new Premier League Champions! As everyone knows, you have to be at the meeting to be a winner ... and before Kelly's name was drawn, an astounding 14 absent members' names were drawn before Kelly won! (Charlie & Joey Blackman, Maisie Hastings, Jack Freeman, Kyle Lowrie, Jamie McTear, Danny Stevens, Charlie Sellens, Josh Lacey, Matt Murray, Andy Gooch, David Purcell, Shaun Sivyer & Lee Ferguson .... it could've been you!!).    


10th April 2015  -  HDCSC has received the following message from Chelsea that was sent to all Supporters Clubs....

"Dear all, we are pleased to advise you the overall Supporters Club Player of the Year winner is Eden Hazard. The lucky supporters club who will make the presentation will be announced next week. We would like to thank all the clubs that submitted their vote."

So we've chosen the winning player, now watch this space to find out if we're the lucky club that's drawn out of the hat.


10th April 2015  -  The Sunderland Home game will be sold on Loyalty Points online to True Blue Members. This means that Supporters Club members on the original club order for 92 tickets who do not currently have 10 loyalty points will unfortunately not get a match ticket. Mark B will individually notify the 5 members affected and arrange for refunds, but the remaining 87 HDCSC members who ordered a ticket will all get one. A free coach will also leave from ESSC at 9:45am for everyone who put their name down at the last meeting as wanting a seat.   

9th April 2015  -  Please text Mark B before Monday 13th April if you are serious about wanting to be included in plans for an HDCSC Chelsea Stadium Tour Day to take place sometime during June or July and to include accompaniment by a Chelsea Legend and a meal in Frankie's. A coach from Hastings will be provided and HDCSC will be looking to heavily subsidise this exciting & unique day out to enable as many members to go as possible. First of all I need to give Chelsea an idea of numbers, which I will be able to do after receiving members' replies by next Monday. 

28th March 2015  -  Next HDCSC meeting date Wednesday 1st April at 7:30pm at ESSC. Taking match ticket orders for Sunderland Home (which as last game of season will include a free 49 seater coach from and to Hastings paid for by HDCSC), and West Brom Away. Collect tickets at meeting for Man Utd Home, Leicester Away, QPR Away and if received by then Arsenal Away. Free match ticket draw again for all attendees.


28th January 2015  -  Capital One Cup Final supporters clubs match ticket clarificationAs per the CFC Supporters Club Policy, Supporters Clubs do not receive a match ticket allocation for the following games: Champions League Final or Semi Final Away matches, FA Cup Final or Capital One Cup Final. Match tickets for the forthcoming Capital One Cup Final on Sunday 1st March 2015 will therefore not be available to order through HDCSC, but will be available for Season Ticket Holders to purchase online through the Chelsea website on a loyalty point basis. Any remaining tickets will go on sale to Members on a loyalty-point basis. 

27th January 2015  -  PSG Away Ticket Update. As all Platinum Supporters Clubs will receive only 37% of their order (HDCSC will receive 16 of the 44 it ordered, and these 16 will be allocated to people who indicated they would use HDCSC's coach travel arrangements) .... when they go on sale to STs tomorrow any STs or Members who did not indicate that they would use a Supporters Club coach will therefore need to order their own match tickets online with CFC. Details regarding personal HDCSC allocations of the tickets we will receive are yet to be determined.


23rd January 2015  -  PSG Away Ticket Update.  As Chelsea FC have received an allocation of 2,000 tickets from PSG, before next Monday all Supporters Clubs will therefore have the opportunity to submit an order for match tickets. The maximum number of tickets that Supporters Clubs can now order for any one match is now 50, and all members who put their name down on the list for PSG Away and who have the necessary level of 16 loyalty points will be included upon the order. However, as a total of only 50 tickets are shared between all 32 Platinum Supporters Clubs worldwide for Euro Away games up to but not including the Semi Final ... with a number of Platinum Supporters Clubs already having expressed a high interest in this game it is quite possible that the number of tickets that HDCSC will actually receive will not even reach double figures. Therefore in this certain event of the order being over subscribed and HDCSC receiving less than the 50 or more tickets it is ordering, as indicated at the last meeting those members who indicated an intention to use the intended HDCSC coach travel (rather than making their own way) will receive priority allocation in order to ensure that the HDCSC coach travel arrangements are cost effective. Even then however, many of those who put their names down on the list as also wanting to use HDCSC club travel will not be successful in receiving a match ticket. Either way though, before next Tuesday which is the time that Season Ticket Holders (and later Members) would otherwise need to order their own tickets through the CFC website should they wish to, all members who are on the list will be notified as to whether or not they have been successful in obtaining a match ticket through HDCSC. Subsequent to this they will then have the opportunity to order online with CFC should they have the requested number of loyalty points.         



6th January 2015  -  Monthly meeting 7:30pm tomorrow Weds 7th Jan @ ESSC. Taking orders for Bradford/Millwall, PSG & Southampton (HOME),  Leicester & West Ham (AWAY). Collect tickets for Swansea (Away), and Everton, Man City & Liverpool COC (Home). Free match ticket draw again for all attendees. 

27th December 2014  -  Ticket orders for LIVERPOOL HOME Capital One Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg, Tuesday 27th Jan 7:45pm.

If wanting to be included on the ticket order please text MB back asap but BEFORE 10AM MONDAY 29th Dec at the latest. All areas Adults £25, Juniors & Seniors £12. Please indicate two choices of Stand and also say if you'd like a seat on a coach/minibus going up from Hastings. Payments at (or ideally before) next meeting on 7th Jan. This game will be sold on loyalty points, so HDCSC Members will need a minimum of 10 loyalty points to be included on the ticket order.

27th December 2014  -  Ticket orders for LIVERPOOL AWAY Capital One Cup Semi Final 1st Leg, Tuesday 20th Jan 7:45pm.

If wanting to be included on the ticket order please text MB back asap but BEFORE 10AM MONDAY 29th Dec at the latest. Prices tbc. State if you'd like a seat on a coach/minibus if we did one going up from Hastings. Bear in mind as per all Supporters Club ticket orders, priority allocation will be given to members using the Supporters Club travel arrangements as opposed to just getting a match ticket through HDCSC & making their own way. Payments at or before next meeting on 7th Jan.

16th December 2014 - Some reminder points regarding tomorrow night’s 7:30pm Xmas Meeting:

1: To be included on any match ticket order for the remainder of the season you need to have attended at least 1 of the so far 7 monthly meeting this season inclusive of tomorrow night. 

2: To be a member of either Chelsea or HDCSC for this season you need to have joined up before 31st December 2014. 

3: A reminder not to park on white lines in road outside ESSC. If no space in car park then use roads opposite (Langham Road or The Byeway), we don’t want members getting parking tickets!

4: Members who aren't on the list as having bought raffle tickets yet please text back before 5pm Tuesday 17th December to say how many you'd
like (all but two members have committed to the minimum of £10 that enters them into the signed shirt draw & is very greatly appreciated!). Monies can be collected later, but need to know today as no tickets available to buy on the night as a lot is going into the preparation beforehand! 

5: Due to the exceptional support that members have given the Club so far in terms of their commitment to be at the Xmas meeting and their raffle ticket contributions, we will be including in the raffle an extra certificated signed shirt and an extra certificated signed ball! ... so that's x2 signed shirts and x2 signed balls in addition to the free match ticket draw plus all the other raffle prizes!

6: Match ticket orders will be taken for Everton & Burnley (Home), plus
Villa and PSG (Away). Possible minibus day trip for PSG away dependent upon receipt of Supporters Club ticket allocation. 

7: Match tickets available for collection at the meeting will be West Ham & Newcastle (Home), and Spurs & Southampton (Away).

See you all tomorrow night!


Watford Home FA Cup Sunday 4th Jan 4pm. Members need to text Mark B back BEFORE NOON THIS SUNDAY 14TH DECEMBER please if you would like a ticket. Please state two seating options. All tickets £30 Adults, £15 Snrs & Jnrs. Payment ideally by Bacs or by hand, but can be paid at next Wednesday's meeting if necessary.

The Man City Home order is being submitted this Sunday. On this occasion if you were not among the original 45 members who put their name down at the last mtg (and if you paid then you're already on the list) ... but would now wish to be added to the order list then please let Mark B know before noon on Sunday, stating your two seating options.

28th November 2014  -  Southampton Away Ticket Allocation Update  

Unfortunately the 51 members on the attached list on the right were unsuccessful in their application for a ticket for the away game vs Southampton on December 28th 2014.

75 HDCSC members requested tickets but the total allocation of 150 tickets between all Platinum Supporters Clubs for an away Premier League game was more than three times over-subscribed for this match!   

As a result each Platinum Supporters Club that applied for tickets received only 32% of its original order ... so therefore HDCSC received only 24 of the 75 tickets that it ordered.  

Chelsea asked all Platinum Club Secretaries to indicate their preference as to whether over subscribed orders should remain on the current "first come, first served" basis or whether the allocation should be apportioned with each Club receiving an equal percentage of its original ticket order regardless of the size of its order.

Following CFC's receipt of this feedback from Platinum Supporters Clubs, the consensus decision was that it would be fairer for tickets to be allocated to clubs on a percentage allocation basis.

Apart from ourselves there are three other Platinum Supporters Clubs within the "Southern" area (Swindon, Bristol & Bath, and South Dorset). With their now being 32 Platinum Supporters Clubs worldwide (110 members are needed for a club to receive "Platinum" status) as a result of both the location, the Christmas week timing of the game, and the opposition's recent success ... tickets for this game were always going to be in high demand.     

The apportioned allocation method was also HDCSC's stated preference, because with demand so high it would have been very unfair for either HDCSC or indeed any other Supporters Club to have received more than half of all the 150 tickets available when there are so many clubs requesting tickets. Conversely as a club we may very easily have received no tickets at all, which would not have been ideal for a club such as ours that had so many members wishing to attend what is a high demand but also relatively local match during Christmas week. 

Therefore in allocating the 24 available tickets, by necessity a combination of the numerous internal loyalty factors that have been previously discussed have played a part on this occasion (i.e. meeting attendances, paying on time, use of HDCSC club travel, membership longevity, current & previous contribution to club development, ordering of match tickets through HDCSC, etc etc).  

If your name is on the attached list then the deposit you have previously paid is also alongside your name. The Club's preference is for you to please text Mark B with your Bank Account Number and Sort Code so that HDCSC can transfer your deposit back into your bank account for you asap. At this stage this will be easier for the Club than keeping these deposits as a credit against your name for future ticket orders.

In the event of some of your family group having been successful in their ticket applications but not others, please let Mark B know if you would prefer not to attend the match and instead wish to return your ticket to HDCSC for re-allocation.   

Please remember however that whilst CFC has the final discretion to amend its policy at any time, as per CFC's standard policy match tickets that will go on sale to normal "non HDCSC member" Season Ticket Holders and True Blue Members on Monday 1st and Monday 8th December respectively will not be sold on a loyalty point basis.

All HDCSC members on this attached list will therefore have the opportunity to log in before 7am on those respective dates in order to try to purchase tickets online through the CFC website in the normal way.           

Thank you for your understanding, and apologies once again to all members who have unfortunately missed out on the HDCSC order on this occasion. 

28th November 2014  -  Spurs Away Ticket Allocation Update

Unfortunately the 7 members on the attached list on the left were unsuccessful in their application for a ticket for the away game vs Spurs on January 1st 2015. 

34 HDCSC members requested tickets but the total allocation of 150 tickets between all Platinum Supporters Clubs for an away Premier League game was oversubscribed for this match. As a result each Platinum Supporters Club that applied for tickets received only 81% of its original order ... so therefore HDCSC received only 27 of the 34 tickets that it ordered. Refunds of the indicated deposit payments will naturally be available to be made asap, ideally by BACS transfer from HDCSC to each members personal account.  

Please remember however that with the attached 7 HDCSC members being Season Ticket Holders, there will be an opportunity to purchase through the CFC website from 7am on Monday 1st December depending upon the loyalty points that will be required. Thank you for your understanding, and apologies once again for those who have missed out on the HDCSC order on this occasion.  



Due to the extremely high demand for Southampton Away tickets (and equally the Spurs Away tickets), with only 150 Premier League Away tickets available to share between all of Chelsea's 31 worldwide Platinum Supporters Clubs for each match it is certain that not everyone who ordered a ticket will get one.


Rather than the previous ticket ordering process being on a "first come first served" basis, the policy has now changed so that all Supporters Clubs' ticket allocations will be apportioned in relation to the total demand from all applying Platinum Supporters Clubs. So if the demand from Platinum Clubs for tickets to a specific match was double the available supply, each Club would only receive half the number of tickets that they asked for.


This means that after HDCSC members have reached Chelsea's required criteria to be included on a match ticket order (i.e. 10 points for a Category AA game), should demand exceed supply then as previously discussed in meetings "internal" HDCSC loyalty factors will then become the deciding factors as to whether members receive the match ticket they have ordered. As has been relayed, we are a supporters "Club" not just a conveniently easy source of obtaining high demand Chelsea match tickets, so the most important factor will be the level of internal loyalty that has been demonstrated by members' attendances throughout the season at the Clubs' monthly meetings. This thereby supports and benefits the Club and its future standing, because HDCSC exists primarily for the benefit of its members ... and as such an HDCSC member who is more involved with the Supporters Club will in return be better positioned to obtain match tickets through HDCSC than for example a Season Ticket holder who may have a high number of loyalty points with Chelsea but attends a minimal number of HDCSC meetings.     


In order to benefit those members who both contribute the most towards the club's successful growth (and also by their actions make the club easier to run), other internal loyalty factors that will be taken into account will be such aspects as the payment of monies due within the requested time frame, willingness to participate in Club organised minibus or coach travel arrangements to matches rather than separately (which thereby reduces costs for both the Club and other travelling members), involvement with activities that support and promote the Club (e.g. raffle tickets or HDCSC branded leisurewear purchases), ordering match tickets through HDCSC where they are collected at monthly meetings - rather than ordering online because they would then instead be delivered to a members' home address, etc. etc.  


If HDCSC members are not successful in receiving match tickets for over subscribed HDCSC match ticket orders in future due to the above factors, then naturally as True Blue Members the option to purchase online directly from Chelsea will always be available as from the date they go on sale all other non HDCSC True Blue Members and Season Ticket holders.      



13th November 2014  115 members at yesterday's Hastings & District Chelsea Supporters Club monthly meeting (that's half the total membership at last night's meeting!). Thanks to everyone who came along, and by doing so helped to show other members old and new that by being there at each meeting we all play an important part in the club's growth and success!  Next meeting date Wednesday 17th December @ 7:30pm.






10th November 2014  Match ticket orders & payments being taken at next meeting (Weds 12th November 7:30pm at ESSC) for Derby (A), Stoke (A), Southampton (A), Newcastle (H), Spurs (A), Swansea (A) & Man City (H). Collect tickets for WBA, Spurs & Lisbon (Home) ... and Schalke (Away). Important for all members to attend if they can please as lots of info & updates being relayed.

Draw for free match ticket if you're at the meeting, and Xmas Raffle Tickets orders to be paid for please ... and if any members haven't yet ordered raffle tickets then you can do at the meeting. £1 per strip and there's a separate draw for a signed shirt for all who order £10 worth (and well done to members so far as everyone's ordered at least £10 each!).  The more people do so to help the club, the better the prizes will be that we can return to you as members in addition to helping our good cause of St Michael's Hospice. 

Please also wear a Chelsea shirt to the meeting if you have one, because we'll look to do a new "HDCSC Group Photo" with the new flag ... and the photo always looks much better when everyone's wearing colours!    




The November monthly meeting at ESSC has now been moved from the first Wednesday to the second Wednesday of the month, so NOW 12TH NOVEMBER. AT 7:30pm.

The December monthly meeting at ESSC has now been moved from the first Wednesday to the third Wednesday of the month, so NOW 17TH DECEMBER. AT 7:30pm.

This is due to Chelsea having matches that some Committee Members will be attending on both the original dates (Maribor Away and Spurs Home).

Ticket orders and payments for the WEST HAM UTD HOME GAME will now therefore need to be texted to Mark B by Friday 31st October please, rather than at the November meeting as originally intended. 

We will now also hold the HDCSC Annual Christmas Raffle at the 17th December monthly meeting, and more info will be provided to members soon in regard to raffle ticket purchase arrangements.    


25th September 2014  The Shrewsbury Town Away 4th Round Capital One cup game will be on Tuesday 28th October, kick off 7:45pm. (The game will be live on Sky Sports). Please text Mark B to let him know asap but BEFORE 10am on SUNDAY 28th SEPTEMBER if you would like to be included on the ticket order, and please also say whether or not you would like a seat on a coach/minibus if HDCSC arranged one. No match ticket prices yet (but for Shrewsbury's 3rd round home game vs Norwich they were only £12 & £6).    


23rd September 2014  HDCSC received 43 tickets for Crystal Palace Away ... all those who ordered tickets will receive one (with the exception of those Mark B has spoken to personally to arrange for them to either order themselves online or who are not now going).


16th September 2014  Two spare Schalke tickets (& seats on minibus leaving ESSC 4pm) available for tomorrow. Contact Mark B if interested.


15th September 2014  IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR MEMBERS WHO HAVE ORDERED TICKETS FOR CRYSTAL PALACE AWAY  -  Due to the very high demand for Crystal Palace Away tickets, HDCSC will not be receiving its full request for 55 ticket. At the moment the indications are that we may instead receive around 40.

As a result, in addition to the standard HDCSC Club Rule 2.1 applying (i.e. ... "All HDCSC members will also need to have attended at least one meeting (which can include the previous season’s AGM) before they can be included on any ticket order for the current season."), Rule 2.5 will additionally be applied for this ticket order.

As members have been reminded at HDCSC monthly meetings, Rule 2.5 states ... "In the event of high ticket demand, and not every eligible member being able to receive a match ticket, at the committee’s discretion the internal supporters’ club ticket allocation may then be decided by the number of HDCSC meetings each member has attended throughout the season."   

The current position is that all members who have attended just 2 or more of the 4 monthly meetings held so far this season will receive a ticket. Members who have so far attended only 1 (or none at all) of the 4 meetings are unlikely to receive a ticket, but these members will be notified either way during the next 48 hours and before they become available to purchase through the www.ChelseaFC.com website on a loyalty point basis.  

Any qualifying members who have included other non qualifying family relation members on their ticket order (i.e. anyone who has not attended more than 1 meeting), please text Mark B asap tomorrow morning if you would instead prefer not to purchase a ticket should your family relation now not be able to go.            

12th September 2014  Schalke (home) and Bolton (home) tickets are now available to collect from Mark B at 76 Ashford Rd, Hastings TN34 2HZ.


11th September 2014  Thanks to all the 94 HDCSC members for attending last Wednesday's monthly meeting, and for your patience in awaiting a response to your resulting texts & questions. From a membership that now stands at 207, the last 3 monthly meetings have been attended by 86, 85 & 73 members respectively ... so well done to everyone who came along, and keep up the support for the club by being there for each monthly meeting if you can.


30th August 2014  HDCSC members wanting to order Bolton Home match tickets through the Supporters Club must let Mark B know by noon on Tuesday 2nd September. Tickets for all areas of the stadium are £25 Adults, £12 Seniors & Juniors so say where you want to sit. Monies can be delivered to Mark or Bacs'd to HDCSC's bank account preferably at time of order, or at the latest the next day at the monthly meeting on Wednesday 3rd September at 7:30pm. (Leaving it until the meeting to say you want a ticket will be too late, as the Club order would already have needed to be submitted ... so if you miss the HDCSC deadline you'd then need to order your match ticket through the CFC website when they go on sale to members).


29th August 2014  HDCSC members wanting to order Schalke Home match tickets through the Supporters Club must let Mark B know by noon on Tuesday 5th September. Tickets for all areas of the stadium are £35 Adult, £17.50 Seniors & Juniors so say where you want to sit. Monies can be delivered to Mark or Bacs'd to HDCSC's bank account preferably at time of order, or at the latest the next day at the monthly meeting on Wednesday 6th September at 7:30pm. (Leaving it until the meeting to say you want a ticket will be too late, as the Club order would already have needed to be submitted ... so if you miss the HDCSC deadline you'd then need to order your match ticket through the CFC website when they go on sale to members).


19th August 2014  Next monthly meeting on Wednesday 3rd September at 7:30pm at the Elphinstone Sports & Social Club. Taking ticket orders for QPR Home (full ticket payments), Crystal Palace Away (£30/£15 deposits) and Man Utd Away (£30/£15 deposits). Ordering a ticket for the QPR Home game would provide members with 3 loyalty points towards the 10 loyalty points that they would need to be included on either the Crystal Palace Away or Man Utd Away ticket orders. As usual, free match ticket draw at the meeting for all attendees.


5th August 2014  HDCSC is a member of the Chelsea Supporters Trust, and the Trust is conducting its second Annual Survey. By completing it, the Trust will be able to operate on a mandate that truly represents their membership's views about the issues affecting the Club. As for last year, the results will be presented to CFC. Your opinions really matter; for example, the overwhelming opposition to Viagogo in last year's survey has now made that particular question redundant! 


HDCSC members please complete the survey if you can, which can be accessed via the following link .... https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PRHC2ML . The Closing Date is Friday 15th August, thanks for your participation!


4th August 2014  Monthly meeting this Wednesday 6th August at 7:30pm at the Elphinstone Sports & Social Club. Taking ticket orders for Aston Villa Home (full ticket payments), Man City Away (£30/£15 deposits), and Arsenal Home (full ticket payments). Will probably run a minibus to Man City away so will take names of people who would want a seat if provided. Aston Villa ticket orders will count towards the 10 loyalty points members would need to be able to order either a Man City or Arsenal ticket. Also last chance at the meeting to order HDCSC branded clothing. Leicester tickets available for collection and free match ticket draw for all attendees. 


24th July 2014  A 17 seater minibus has now been booked for 11 people so far to go to the Everton Away game on Saturday 30th August, 5:30pm kick off. If any other members who didn't originally put their name down would now like to go, then you have the opportunity to be included on the match ticket order by letting Mark Barfoot know before Saturday 26th July. 




12th July 2014  For a limited time only prior to Thursday 7th August 2014, Chelsea FC has now given HDCSC members the opportunity to order branded leisurewear through the Supporters Club. Click here or on the picture (right) to view the types & colours available, together with the prices and ordering details. 



10th July 2014  Hastings & District Chelsea Supporters Club has presented St Michael’s Hospice, Hastings with a football that’s been signed by all the Chelsea first team players so that it may be auctioned at the Hospice’s forthcoming Charity Fundraising Golf Day on 6th October. After hearing of the Supporters Club’s plans, the Chelsea FC Foundation also got involved and before Chelsea’s last home game of the season very kindly donated two match tickets for the Chelsea vs Norwich City game which the Supporters Club then used to raise a further £100 for the Hospice. Pictured left to right are St Michael’s Hospice staff members Joe Dowsing, Darran Penfold and Marcia Dart with HDCSC's Mark Barfoot.



9th July 2014


After having again renewed our Platinum status, HDCSC's membership for the new 2014/15 season has so far increased to 167.