Match Day Travel

Train groups are often arranged for most home match days, normally using Southern Rail's "Group 4" tickets that can be purchased at the Hastings Information Centre for £39. This way four adults travelling together on the one group ticket can each get from Hastings to Stamford Bridge and back for just £9.75 per person (plus just £2 for each Under 16 yr old). When taking match ticket orders at monthly meetings, names are also taken of those wishing to travel to the game this way. The Club can then purchase everyone's train tickets before the day, with people then travelling to and from the game together. A typical travel arrangement for a 3pm Saturday kick off would be catching the 09:55 from Hastings (with people joining the train at Warrior Square or Bexhill if they preferred), changing trains at Clapham Junction to arrive at West Brompton station at 12:08. For the journey home, a casual walk up through Brompton Cemetery to catch the 17:24 from West Brompton would then see people arriving back at Hastings at 19:35.        




For some away matches, and sometimes home evening matches depending upon demand, minibuses can be arranged. Hiring a 17 seater minibus would normally enable members to get from Hastings to a home weekday evening match and back for no more than £15 per adult.    



The more adventurous members look forward to the Euro Away trips that will normally involve the booking of flights and hotels for a couple of days stay. Sometimes though a minibus journey via the Eurotunnel may suffice if the destination is closer to home.